Role Street Hostel
Role Street Hostel
do the bedrooms have bathrooms? All our rooms/dorms have en-suite bathrooms. In the loft the bathrooms is shared with the other guests that are staying in the room with you. In our large loft, there are two bathrooms, one for women and one for men, however all other rooms have mixed bathroom facilities.Hair dryers are available in all rooms.
do you have a curfew? We do not have a curfew. We have 24/7 reception and night security staff that will be able to let our guests into the hostel, so coming back in the late hours is no problem at all. However, please be considerate of our other guests when coming back late at night!
do you have internet access?Free Wifi is available throughout the entire hostel. We also have several desktop computers in our lobby for our guests to use any time they wish and free of charge.
do you provide a smoking-free environment? We have a non-smoking policy indoors. Anyone caught smoking inside the hostel will be fined. The fine can go up to 200 euro's, depending on the circumstances. However, you are welcome to enjoy a cigarette on our front terrace.
do you have any food/drink facilities? The hostel is self catered, however we do offer a breakfast buffet for a small price. We have a large kitchen for our guests to use, however it is not accessible from 6:30am-10am for this is when our breakfast is served. Furthermore, there are plenty of restaurants and snack shops on our street and area, and do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for personal favourites. There is also a supermarket down the street and many others nearby. Feel free to store your groceries in our fridge!
do you have a washing machine? No, but we have laundry service
do you have private lockers where I can keep my valuables?We do have lockers for your personal belongings. In our dorms the lockers are large enough to fit a backpack along with other smaller belongings to ensure security. You will need a padlock for our lockers, you can bring your own however it is possible to buy one when you arrive at the hostel reception for 5 euro's.
do you serve breakfast?We serve a healthy breakfast for only 5 euro's. It consists of a freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea, Frensh style croissant with jam, butter, natural yogurt with cereal and honey & an apple.
do I have to bring my own towels? No, we will provide you with towels.
how much are linens? Linen is included in the bed price. A linen set includes a bed sheet, pillow cover and towels. If you are staying a while and wish to have a fresh set of linens, you can hand in your old sheets, towel etc. at reception to receive a new set. This will cost you two euros. Please keep in mind that sleeping bags are strictly not allowed at the king kong hostel.
can I rent bikes at the hostel? You can rent bikes, electrical bike, here at the Role Street hostel!!
can you print something for me? We are happy to print any important documents for you such as boarding passes or other tickets.